Deep Analysis, Interactive Resources

Conduct targeted marketing campaigns to prospective students earlier in the recruitment cycle based on the three Success Indices.

  • Focus marketing campaigns on prospective students based on geospatial analyses; insight is afforded based on historic student markets and current student markets. Geospatial market intelligence enables the strategic use of funds to high-priority markets.
  • Develop communication flows to diverse student groups which describe the alignment of institutional resources with the expressed interests and academic performances of prospective and current students.
  • Explore new student markets through the use of the three Success Indices and Geospatial Analyses.
  • Gain insight into the common interests of students through the use of the advanced ‘Student Search’ feature which researches student information.
  • Provide observations into student groups on based their information through the use of the Autocluster feature.
  • Provide market intelligence throughout each phase of the funnel management process: prospect, inquiry, applicant, accepted, deposited, registered, matriculant, based on the three Success Indices and complementary analytics.

Strategic marketing and recruitment pivots can be made based on changes in students’ responses and Success Indices.

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