SeligoAI’s platform is designed to support the development of institutional strategy in the midst of fluid and dynamic environments regionally, nationally and globally.  Higher Education administrators and their respective teams are expected to find sustainable, vision-driven strategies and plans in these rapidly evolving contexts.  Looking for insights in very large institutional data lakes is expected.  SeligoAI offers advanced analytics, geospatial analytics, visualizations and interactive digital tools to facilitate research and planning in the areas of recruitment, retention, persistence, graduation, internship and job acquisition, institutional networks, alumni relations and related areas.

Inquiries into these foundational areas is where the adventure begins:

  • Global Recruitment Funnel
  • Alignment of Institutional Value Propositions with Student Interests
  • Matriculation Yield, Retention and Persistence
  • Recruitment Funnel Performance Measures
  • First Year Experience, Academic Advising and Academic Support
  • Strategic Pivots and New Market Development
  • Internships and Career Opportunities
  • Management of Revenues and Institutional Resources

SeligoAI is scalable, cloud-based and delivers real-time, visualized data with department-specific access for cross-campus recruitment and retention success.  SeligoAI empowers your institution to shape student markets proactively in alignment with your enrollment strategy.  SeligoAI’s visualized data and advanced analytics transforms queries into strategic now-casting and forecasting for executive administrators.

SeligoAI also has a Student Affinity System integrated into its Campaign Management/Communication Center and Student Engagement System which enables your team to measure students’ interest in your institution.

Multiple geospatial analyses display the most relevant and essential datasets with which to review and to conduct market research, to evaluate and develop comprehensive marketing plans, and to monitor the results of a marketing initiatives.  These artfully designed geospatial displays integrate multiple datasets with information generated by advanced analytics.  Included among SeligoAI’s twenty-five plus apps is a Student Affinity System integrated into its Campaign Management/Communication Center which enables your team to measure students’ interest in your institution.


ClearScale recognized the importance of AWS’ Machine learning paradigms to SeligoAI’s value proposition and their ability to generate probability-based intelligence. Complex AI algorithms modify the Working Dataset and continually refine the predictive model which refreshes the probability analyses. This feature provides evolving value and contributes to the sustainability of the universities and colleges. Essential to this set of core calculations is AWS’ ML platform.


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